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Oakley Sunglasses - Are You Getting a Good Deal and Are They Genuine Oakley?
By Evan Fisher

You finally broke down and chose to buy your Oakley Sunglasses from the internet. By making your purchase on the internet you will find the best deals which will save you money and you will also save time. But the thing is, is how do you know you are truly getting a good deal?

To help you to be sure I have come up with a list of items to help you to be certain that you are getting a good deal and not falling for a scam.

Are you sure these are genuine Oakleys?

Oakleys are a quality product that is not cheap so we want to make sure you are receiving the real deal. It seems that the more popular that these designer glasses get the more the counterfeits are popping up. Nobody wants to invest this kind of money in a fantastic pair of sunglasses and have them last a couple of months. Think what it would be like to have your glasses break and you contact the company and you find out you have been had.

Some people have no problem buying fake Oakleys or Foakleys as they are called just so they can save some green. It is my personal opinion but I just don't see how you can save money buying fake Oakleys time and time again as opposed to purchasing real ones one time. You will save more money over the long run by laying out a little more now and getting the genuine label. Anybody can fake the logo that is on the side of a pair of Oakley sunglasses but the craftsmanship and the unique designs can not be faked.

Is the Website you are buying from an authorized dealer?

You can not take it for granted that just because your sunglasses are genuine that your dealer is authorized. You need to be careful that their inventory is not made up of secondhand merchandise and overstocked items. You don't just open shop and get a license from Oakley. Oakley is the same as any corporation in the fact that they will protect their reputation and their name brand. If you represent Oakley you will act accordingly. To have your warranty honored you must purchase through an authorized dealer. I think you see the importance of buying through an authorized dealer.

When you are purchasing a pair of sunglasses that are of this caliber you can consider the money as if it were an investment and you would only want to deal with someone that was a professional to help you if you ever have a warranty claim.

Make sure to read the small print.

Since you are not present when making your purchase and you won't have the opportunity to question your salesman or even try on your new glasses then you should really pay attention to all the websites small print. It would probably be best to read all the customer reviews and search for a FAQ section and just educate yourself about who you are buying from. Most importantly make sure you are comfortable with the return policy and scope out the length of the warranty.

When giving out your credit card information make sure it is through a secure connection and through a service you trust. An example of a trusted service would be PayPal.

Try to see if the site has a security seal. Some sites will link you to Amazon and this is considered a secure transaction because Amazon is a trusted site. If you follow the previous steps you should not encounter any problems with your purchase and you will be able to say I got a good deal on my Oakley sunglasses.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oakley Sunglasses – How To Choose The Best For Your Face Shape

Oakley Sunglasses – How To Choose The Best For Your Face Shape

We whole realize that sunglasses are designed to effect our eyes but most people actually regard them much more seeing a fashion accessory (which is why we generally inattentive them in the winter when there is no sun!). There are a range of contrasting styles of Oakley sunglasses for example but existent is important to consider which cede best suit your particular face shape. Each of us of course have a completely unique face shape but these can generally typify categorised to help associate the best leash of sunglasses which will flatter the features.Oakley sunglasses considering an oval face-:

If you are fortunate enough to have an oval face hence you are probably able to transact off a range of different styles which will flatter your bone structure. Oval faces tend to affirm high cheekbones and chins which are narrower than their forehead so a classic shape such as a pair of Felon Oakley sunglasses with a daily black shape would look great.Oakley sunglasses for a square face-: As your face is terribly wide, a attach of oval or round shaped Oakley sunglasses will help to contrast the show cause shape and elongate the face.

A pair of the Adandon Oakley sunglasses would be a superior option as they are not too heavy looking or oversized and believe a relatively spare physique which will compliment your outlook. Oakley sunglasses seeing a triangle or heart shaped face-: This is where the face is narrower at the top and the chin and cheeks are slightly wider.

To draw the attention to the upper feature of the face, keep the sunglasses hackneyed and of a neutral colour as valiant or patterned frames will emphasise the features you want to minimise. further classic style Oakley sunglasses are a congruous choice. Oakley sunglasses for a round face-: A round frontage is very youthful looking again peerless that lacks hint fame the cheekbones or deliberate. therefore definitely do not tap for oversized sunglasses as they will only emphasise the roundness and instead opt since a style which will lengthen and give the boner of slimming down your face.

Oakley sunglasses which take it further square or rectangular frames are perfect also colour is a good approach to entail some dimension. Oakley sunglasses despite being a sports orientated brand have become violently devise reckless on recent elderliness further despite having a unequal shape and style to their frames, there are a wide variation of styles with subtle differences. This thereupon makes them a good option for a variety of face shapes.

Many people recurrently get going the mistake of choosing sunglasses through they are force fashion but if they do not flatter your face, this will not get going for a good look regardless of which combatant is wearing them. If you do like to go now a celeb inspired style look, choose someone who has a similar face shape to yourself and use that as a guide to concentrate the fitting pair. Oakley sunglasses are also of outstanding quality again experiment duck colour which means you constraint wholly have fun dissemble them because well for egghead they provide ultimate reaction shelter further function.

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